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New York Organ Donor Enrollment Day 2016

New York Organ Donor Enrollment Day 2016

On October 6, 2016 LiveOnNY’s 2nd annual Organ Donor Enrollment Day united communities and partners in New York to break the national record for enrollments by a single day event for the second year consecutively. While the final counts are still being calculated, enrollments are approaching 4,000. This is a substantial increase from 2015, meaning more lives will be saved.

Enrollment Day demonstrates when New Yorkers band together, nothing is impossible. This amazing success could not have been possible without the volunteers, partners, legislators and New Yorkers that came together to exceed expectations and make a true difference by giving hope to the nearly 10,000 people on the waiting list across the State. This is an example of a victory that continues to build momentum to keep New York as one of the fastest growing registries in the country.

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