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Adding HLA equivalency table screening to OPTN kidney paired donation system

Lab Directors, Lab Supervisors, Administrators/Managers, and Technicians

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We updated the KPD system in UNetSM to use the HLA equivalency tables in OPTN Policy 4: Histocompatibility. The tables will use HLA unacceptable antigen equivalencies to screen KPD donors and candidates for matching and matching antigen equivalences to determine 0ABDR mismatch level.

Also on December 7, we revised OPTN policy to remove the negative points for “all other antibody specificities” from the current prioritization points table. All changes are specific to the OPTN KPD program and do not apply to any other KPD programs.


If you have questions about these system changes, call the UNetSM Help Desk at (800) 978-4334. For general, compliance, monitoring or policy questions, call your UNOS Regional Administrator at 804-782-4800.

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