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Communicating UNet system changes in a new way

UNOS system notices informing you of changes to the UNet system have been both posted on the Secure Enterprise homepage and sent as a separate e-mail from UNOS Technology Implementation.  Member feedback has suggested that the separate e-mail for each item is duplicative and burdensome.

As of the end of January, instead of getting individual system notice e-mails, you will receive a monthly consolidated email titled UNOS Tech News. This monthly newsletter will allow you to stay on top of all upcoming and current changes in UNetSM. The newsletter will feature an easy to scan table that shows you at a glance which system changes were recently implemented and which ones are coming soon. The table also includes tips on what you need to do to prepare.

The newsletter format includes handy contact information, training information, links to technology Transplant Pro articles, and answers to some frequently asked questions from our members.

Each system notice will continue to be posted on the Secure Enterprise homepage as an additional reference.

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