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Learn more about National Liver Review Board

UNOS will implement the National Liver Review Board (NLRB) January 31, 2019.  UNOS is offering a series of educational events to help you prepare for these changes.  The following chart shows educational opportunities.  It will be updated as more details are available. Read the system notice for additional detail.

Please note: Liver distribution policy will be implemented in 2019 after NLRB.  We will update this article with information on educational offerings relating to liver distribution as they are scheduled.

Date Topic/synopsis How to access/learn more
Dec. 6 National Liver Review Board policy: MELD/PELD exception scoring

In addition to the structure of the new NLRB, candidates meeting the criteria for standardized exceptions will be assigned MELD/PELD exception scores in a different way. This offering explains the new MELD/PELD exception scoring that will be implemented with NLRB in 2019.

UNOS Connect
Dec. 13 National Liver Review Board policy: New processes

This webinar recording outlines the new review board structure and explains what members need to know about submitting MELD/PELD exception requests, the appeals process, and how existing exceptions and unresolved forms will be transitioned.  

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Dec. 18 NLRB training for review board representatives UNOS Connect


What are the National Review Boards?

Review board members quickly review specific, urgent-status patient registrations on the OPTN/UNOS liver, heart and lung transplant waiting lists. Review board members collectively determine whether these listings are appropriate, based entirely on clinical information that complies with OPTN policies. Separate boards review exceptions for each organ.

Contact UNOS Customer Service at 800-978-4334 for a complete review board member list.

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