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Organ verification link will be available when ABO verification system changes are implemented

To help OPOs and transplant hospitals get needed information from UNetSM into one screen to complete pre-recovery and pre-transplant verifications, an organ verification link will be available on June 23, 2016 along with other planned ABO IT enhancements. The organ verification link will be available for each candidate appearing on a match run. The link will appear on the match results page.

View screenshots of the upcoming changes.

Access a toolkit of educational materials

When the user clicks on the link, a new page is displayed. It contains the following information: Donor: Donor ID, Match Run Organ, Match ID, Organ Laterality, and Donor ABO Intended Recipient: Waitlist ID, Center’s Patient ID, Name, Date of Birth, ABO, Waitlist Organ, and Other Organs. This page can be used to verify any data element where OPTN policy lists that the “OPTN computer system” is as an acceptable source to use for the verification. The user will be able to print this page.

DonorNet Permissions

For users who are not responsible for receiving and responding to organ offers, but still need access to view the match, the Site Administrator needs to assign VIEW OFFER ATTACHMENTS and ORGAN OFFER VERIFICATIONS permissions under DonorNet.


These users will not see organ offers displayed on their DonorNet page; they will have to search for the donor record using the donor id and match id.


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