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Forms to add, update or remove someone from the membership database now require a middle initial or date of birth

When you access the UNetSM forms needed to add someone new from your facility to our membership database, or update their record or remove them, you will notice some changes. You are now required to enter a middle initial or a date-of-birth (DOB).

Why did we make this change?
We have 38,000 active records in our database and 31,000 inactive records. Of those active records, only 5,000 contained a DOB and only 11,000 contained a middle initial. Although not required before, a unique identifier like a middle initial or DOB will make our database more accurate and will help us avoid duplicate records. This change will reduce the amount of time we spend contacting your center to confirm the identity of individuals and will allow us to turn around your membership-related data requests within 48 hours.

How do I add, update or remove someone from my facility to the membership database?
From the UNet homepage, select Waitlist > Resources > Forms/Tools. Then choose either Modify a User’s Account or Report a New User to UNOS and be sure to enter a middle initial or DOB when completing the required fields.

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