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OPTN Public Comment Proposal to Update HLA and Ethnic Frequencies used to Calculate CPRA

Editor’s Note: The proposed CPRA frequencies mentioned in this article were approved by the OPTN board and implemented in 2013.

The OPTN Histocompatibity Committee is considering updating the HLA and ethnic frequencies used to determine the Calculated Panel Reactive Antibody (CPRA) formula used for kidney and pancreas allocation, and invites transplant professionals and the public to compare formulas and provide feedback. The proposed changes are included in an OPTN public comment policy proposal released September 16. The CPRA estimates compatibility of donors and candidates based on the candidate’s unacceptable antigens. Use the links below to access Excel files of the current and proposed CPRA frequencies, and to view PDFs of presentations explaining how the CPRA is currently calculated, as well as the proposed changes.

 The public comment period for this proposal ends December 23. View public comment proposals.

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