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Living donation

Comply with Policy 12.8.4 by reporting living donor adverse events

Within two years of a living donor’s donation surgery, if the living donor dies for any reason, your living donor recovery or transplant center must report the death to UNOS. Once your program becomes aware of the death, you have 72 hours to report it to UNOS using the Patient Safety System on UNETSM. Additionally, if a living donor’s remaining native organ fails within two years of the initial donation surgery, your program must report that organ failure to UNOS, also through the Patient Safety System on UNetSM.  

Organ failure in kidney donors is defined as the need for dialysis, listing for a transplant, or receiving a transplant.  Organ failure in liver donors is defined as needing to be listed for a liver transplant.

The Membership and Professional Services Committee reviews and reports to the board of directors all adverse events submitted to the Patient Safety System. Read Policy 12.8.4.

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