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MPSC will review pancreas programs for post transplant patient survival in early 2014

As part of its role to monitor compliance and patient safety, the Membership and Professional Standards Committee (MPSC) reviews transplant program post-transplant outcomes to identify underperforming programs and work with those programs to implement performance-improvement measures.

Currently, the MPSC monitors post-transplant outcomes for kidney, liver, lung and heart programs. The Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR) produces program specific reports for one-year post transplant pancreas graft and patient survival. Over several years, the MPSC and the Pancreas Transplantation Committee have been evaluating whether the existing SRTR models are appropriate for use in flagging pancreas programs for lower than expected outcomes. They concluded that the patient survival model is appropriate for use in flagging programs. Accordingly, the MPSC will begin reviewing flagged pancreas transplant programs when the SRTR releases its January 2014 PSR’s in March 2014.

The Pancreas Committee will continue to work on the definition for pancreas graft failure. Once committee members have completed their efforts and compiled sufficient data, the MPSC will begin to review pancreas graft survival as well.

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