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New process for policy-related questions in place

We have a new streamlined process for responding to your questions about policy and policy-related resources and education.

You should direct your questions to this toll-free number 844-395-4428 or send an email to

Staff will be available to respond to your questions Monday-Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm eastern. You can expect to receive a response same day.

Examples of questions you might have:

  • How do I comply with patient notification requirements in OPTN Policy 3.5?
  • How are points assigned to kidney candidates?
  • Who can explain the adult heart status 1 requirements in OPTN Policy 6.1A?

Questions like these and other general inquiries you might have previously called your regional administrator about are the types of questions you should direct to the new toll-free number or email address.
The responsibility for responding to general member questions is moving from Regional Administrators to a new team of staff.

As a reminder, you may continue to contact the following teams for assistance:

  • UNOS Customer Service (for all UNetSM-related questions) 800-978-4334
  • UNOS Organ Center 800-292-9537
  • Patient Information Line 888-894-6361
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