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On New Year’s Day, Another Character: Donor ID Number System to Change in 2013

UNOS IT is working to prepare for an upcoming technical change reminiscent of Y2K. With the New Year in 2013, the six-character donor identification numbers (IDs) in UNet℠ that match donors with transplant candidates on the waiting list will change to seven characters. As currently configured, the numbering system is nearing its limits, so plans are to expand donor IDs from six to seven characters on January 1, 2013.

All UNet users and associated third-party software vendors will be affected by this change. UNOS is committed to ensuring all stakeholders are informed, so that all applicable systems accommodate seven-character donor IDs seamlessly. UNOS will provide ongoing updates and reminders as the project progresses. If you have specific questions, please contact or call (800) 978-4334.


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