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OPOs need to transition to new organ transport labels throughout 2017

Beginning June 1,2017, all OPOs will be required to use the new TransNet barcode label system. To accommodate that requirement, we are updating the current external and internal organ transport labels to indicate where to affix the TransNet label. The OPO committee will review the label redesign this spring and after it is approved they will be available on the UNOS store. We will identify them with a _2017 after the product ID number and the 2017 date will appear on the bottom left corner of the label itself.

OPOs currently using the TransNet barcode labels may attach them to any existing transport labels they still have in their inventory. However, by the end of 2017 you will be required to use the new label and should destroy any remaining old versions.

New internal and external VCA labels, which will also be updated to incorporate the TransNet labels, will be available in the UNOS store beginning January 4. You must start using these new VCA labels by March 1 and destroy and old labels you still have. The new labels will be identified on the store as UNOS217_2016 and UNOS228_2016 and the date 10/2016 will appear on the label itself in the bottom left hand corner. You can identify any previous labels by the date 6/2014 in the bottom left corner.

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