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OPOs: Plan your extra vessel label ordering appropriately

Update: Keep in mind as you manage your label inventory that you should use the external (non-sterile) vessel labels you’ve got until you hear otherwise (likely in the spring or early summer of 2019). At that time, you’ll need to purchase and use new labels as well as download the updated version of TransNet (5.10) to remain in compliance. This version will allow you to print the updated extra vessels labels. Keep this in mind and plan your label ordering appropriately.

By now, you’ve been using redesigned shipping labels since the summer of 2018. These labels, which indicate where to affix the now required TransNet-generated barcode labels, are identified with the suffix _2017 in the product ID number on the UNOS store.

Changes for extra vessels labels planned for 2019
OPTN policy regarding labeling requirements for extra vessels will change in the second quarter of 2019. This change will require you to use the new external (non-sterile) OPTN extra vessels label once the policy takes effect. This will help reduce the number of labels you need to discard.

We will continue to inform you of all information related to this label change, particularly as we get closer to the required date.

Visit the TransNet page on Transplant Pro for all the latest information about TransNet system enhancements, equipment and other news. If you have any questions about ordering labels on the online store, please contact Carol Burch.

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