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OPTN Monitoring of Donor Yield: An Update from the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients

In June 2011, the UNOS/OPTN Board of Directors approved the implementation of a system for monitoring OPOs with regard to donor yield (defined as the number of organs transplanted). The system will compare each OPO’s actual donor yield with its expected donor yield, given the characteristics of the OPO’s donor pool. The OPTN’s Membership and Professional Standards Committee will monitor results and review OPOs that meet each of the following three criteria:

• Observed (O) transplants per 100 donors minus Expected (E) transplants per 100 donors is less than -10, i.e., more than 10 fewer organs transplanted than expected per 100 donors.
• O divided by E (O/E) is less than 0.9, i.e., more than 10% fewer transplanted organs than expected.
• O/E is statistically significantly lower than 1.0 using a two-sided p-value of less than 0.05.

The SRTR will produce these metrics for the OPTN’s Membership and Professional Standards Committee on a biannual basis, as part of the standard OPO-specific reporting cycle. In addition, the SRTR has created a tool for OPOs to use to track their observed and expected organ yields. In December 2011, you will be able to download this tool from the secure SRTR website at For more information, contact the SRTR at

The OPTN/UNOS OPO Committee, chaired by Lori Brigham and Rich Pietroski, are planning a Webinar in advance of the new metric release so that the OPO community can better understand the model and the outcome measurements.

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