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Patient Safety Alert: Baxter recall of sodium chloride irrigation solution

Alert 4:  Baxter recall of sodium chloride irrigation solution

UNOS was alerted through our Patient Safety Portal that Baxter International, Inc., has issued a voluntary recall for one lot of 0.9% sodium chloride irrigation solution in a 1000 mL plastic bottle.  The recall is dated April 21, 2014.  The containers in this specific lot may contain particulate matter that might contribute to potential wound irritation, local infection or sepsis.

Baxter recommends that you locate and remove from your facility any product from the lot specified in the recall.  You may return the affected product(s) in return for credit.

Recommended Actions

  • Read the complete recall notice from Baxter and review instructions for return of any affected product.
  • Do not use any product from the specific lot listed in the notice.
  • Contact The Center for One Baxter at 1-800-422-9837 if you have any questions.
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