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Some transplant programs may have received secure email regarding patient status information

In 2013, UNOS introduced a new process for verifying with transplant programs the current status (living or dead) of certain candidates waitlisted, as well as recipients transplanted and/or followed post-transplant. This process involves using data from other sources to supplement patient status information already known to your transplant program. Information from some of these sources must be confirmed before being incorporated in the OPTN database.

This morning UNOS sent a secure email to select transplant program Primary Program Administrators and Primary Data Coordinators. Those emails included an Excel spreadsheet containing relevant patient information and instructions on how to make the updates.

If your program received one of these e-mails, please complete the spreadsheet and return it to UNOS’ Data Quality group by Monday, Aug. 2. We’ll incorporate into the OPTN database all patient status information that your program or another source verifies. We will then use this information in OPTN and SRTR data analyses and reporting, including the Program Specific Reports.

Read more about this process in a previous Transplant Pro article . If you have any questions, contact your regional administrator at (804) 782-4800 or send an email to

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