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System notice

2016 RFI


Transplant administrators, data coordinators and financial coordinators.

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At a Glance

The 2016 UNOS RFI is available on the UNet Transplant Administrators website.


A few minor updates were made for the 2016 RFI, as follows.

  • Annual updates were made to include current dates.
  • SRTR data will not need to be attached to the RFI. In March 2015, payers agreed that they will access SRTR data from the SRTR site, and they approved the removal of this section.
  • Questions about patient safety initiatives, quality improvement processes and initiatives to control costs were moved from program-specific documents to the center profile document.

We recommend that transplant administrators work collaboratively with the individual(s) completing their center’s RFI. They may need assistance with transplant terminology and information requirements. Remember to review your center data tables, before completing the RFI.

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