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We’ve added new options to the field “Donor Type” on the Living Donor Registration (LDR) forms to enable centers to accurately report non-domino therapeutic donors.

Implementation date: Nov. 10, 2016


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Therapeutic organ donor –

An individual who has an organ removed as a component of medical treatment, and who may or may not receive a replacement organ. The organ that was removed can be transplanted into another person. Domino heart and liver donors are considered therapeutic organ donors.

Until now, hospitals had no way to report therapeutic non-domino donors and instead reported them as non-directed living donors using the Living Donor Registration (LDR) form.

Last December, the OPTN/UNOS Board of Directors voted to add therapeutic donor to the options listed under the Donor Type field on the LDR. The changes will also requires hospitals to follow new informed consent, medical and psychosocial evaluation, and data submission requirements specific to domino donors and non-domino therapeutic donors. See December 2015 policy notice for more information about the policy change.

Specific additions to the LDR form in TIEDI

We added three new options to the field “Donor Type” making 16 choices available (additions are bolded). Two of the new options are for Therapeutic Donor and one is for domino donors.

  • Biological, blood related Parent
  • Biological, blood related Child
  • Biological, blood related Identical Twin
  • Biological, blood related Full Sibling
  • Biological, blood related Half Sibling
  • Biological, blood related: Domino
  • Biological, blood related: Non Domino Therapeutic donor
  • Biological, blood related Other Relative: Specify
  • Non-Biological, Spouse
  • Non-Biological, Life Partner
  • Non-Biological, Unrelated: Paired Donation
  • Non-Biological, Unrelated: Non-Directed Donation (Anonymous)
  • Non-Biological, Living/Deceased Donation
  • Non-Biological, Unrelated: Domino
  • Non-Biological, Unrelated: Non Domino Therapeutic donor
  • Non-Biological, Other Unrelated Directed Donation: Specify

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