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System notice

Reporting serum lipase and serum lipase upper normal limit results at time of pancreas offers is now required


  • OPO staff who use DonorNet and  Quality Staff
  • Labs that perform serum lipase testing


  • Transplant Center staff
  • DonorNet Mobile users
  • Please share this notice with anyone in your organization who would benefit from this information.

At a Glance
We implemented this change in two phases.

  • On August 18, we added Serum Lipase Upper Normal Limit (u/L) as an optional field to the Lab Panel in DonorNet. That field appeared directly beside the existing, and at that time optional, Serum Lipase (u/L field). Although you could choose to enter the data, you were not required to do so.
  • On September 29 we  implemented the second phase of this project. From this day forward, in order for your OPO to make a pancreas, kidney-pancreas, or pancreas islet electronic organ offer, you must enter a value for the Serum lipase and Serum Lipase Upper Normal Limit fields. If you enter data into the lipase value field, you must also enter an upper normal limit, as these two fields are dependent on each other.

Additional Resources
For a history of the policy change and additional information, read the November 2014 policy notice.

DonorNet Mobile Information
The serum lipase upper normal limit displays in the Lab section in DonorNet Mobile if the corresponding checkbox is selected from the “Mobile Customize View page for Pancreas Program” in DonorNet. This checkbox is selected by default for pancreas, kidney/pancreas, and pancreas islet donor customization views.

If you have DonorNet system questions, please contact the UNet Help Desk at (800) 978-4334.
For questions about policy, please contact your regional administrator at 804-782-4800.

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