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Change to Improve Reporting of Aborted Procedures and Non-Transplanted Organs Effective Now


  • All living donor recovery hospitals
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Implementation date:

April 14, 2016

At a glance:

Beginning April 14, 2016, you will need to record in Tiedi® any instance where either a) a potential living donation procedure is aborted after administration of anesthesia and before any organ is recovered, or b) an organ is recovered from a living donor but not transplanted into any recipient.

The OPTN/UNOS Board of Directors approved policy to require living donor recovery hospitals to either amend the Living Donor Feedback form in Tiedi®, or contact the OPTN contractor to modify the form, within 72 hours of a living donor organ recovery procedure that did not result in a transplant. This will apply to events where either the potential living donor has begun to receive general anesthesia but no organ is recovered, or an organ is recovered from a living donor but not transplanted into any recipient. The goal of this initiative is to improve reporting of these events within UNetSM.

Please note: This new requirement does not replace the existing requirement of reporting such instances as a Living Donor Adverse Event in the Improving Patient Safety portal. It is an additional measure.

What data will be collected?
Upon modifying the Living Donor Feedback form after a living donor recovery procedure, the system will ask whether the living donor recovery procedure was aborted after the donor received anesthesia or the living donor organ was recovered but not transplanted. If the answer to either question is “Yes,” you will need to provide additional detail, including the reason the procedure was aborted and whether the organ was recovered. A Living Donor Registration (LDR) record will be generated as soon as you complete and submit the feedback form.

If the procedure was aborted without an organ being recovered, you are only required to complete the Donor, Pre-Donation Clinical and Surgical information fields in the LDR record. A Living Donor Follow-up (LDF) record will not be generated.

If an organ was recovered but not transplanted, you will need to complete the LDR record as well as an LDF form.

Additional details

For additional reference, consult the July 1, 2015 policy notice


If you have additional questions relating to policy, contact your UNOS Regional Administrator at 804-782-4800.

If you have questions relating to the system, contact UNOS Customer Service (UNet Help Desk) at 800-978-4334.

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