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New liver distribution

How the system will help liver transplant candidates.

Get ready

National liver review board training available.


OPTN/UNOS Committees are developing proposed kidney and pancreas distribution policies to replace current donor service area and regional boundaries.

Pediatric transitions

Guidance shares effective practices on transfer to adult program.

TMF 2019

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Educate Yourself

Use UNOS Connect to understand how policy and system changes will affect your daily routine.

100 people transplanted thanks to HOPE Act

Thanks to the HIV Organ Policy Equity Act (the HOPE Act), 100 organ transplants have been performed for HIV-positive candidates willing to accept organ offers from HIV-positive donors. As of December 18, 15 hospitals participating in HOPE Act protocols performed those 100 transplants. These include 69 kidney transplants and 31 liver transplants, involving organs from 49 deceased donors.

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Upcoming policy implementation reminder for labs and OPOs

By March 1, 2019, OPOs and the labs they work with will need to have a process in place to ensure that the raw HLA data for deceased donors is uploaded in DonorNet in the source documentation section. Members that upload HLA data directly into UNetSM will need to...


Effective communication can save lives

(July 2015 | Duration: 10:22)
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TransNetSM organ transport

(August 2015 | Duration: 3:55 |
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Betsy Walsh, former OPTN/UNOS president

(August 2015 | Duration: 1:30)