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UNOS’ regional administrators are your liaison to everything about UNOS and the OPTN. If you have a question about implementing transplant policy or related member questions, contact your regional administrator:

REGIONS 1, 4, 5, 9
Ross Walton, UNOS regional administrator
REGIONS 2, 6, 10
Ross Walton
(804) 782-4942
REGIONS 3, 7, 8, 11

Fall 2018

Regional meeting materials

Plan to attend the fall regional meetings that run from August 15 through September 28. We strongly encourage all transplant programs, OPOs and histocompatability laboratories to send a representative to the meeting. Regional meetings are open to the public and we invite all members of the transplant community and public to participate.

Review presentations, summaries and other documents from the previous regional meetings:

2018 spring presentations

Webinars to review public comment proposals

Listen to webinar recordings.

Educational forums

Several educational sessions are also available this spring:

Region 5 educational collaborative
January 31
San Diego, CA

Region 2 educational forum
February 1
Newark, NJ

Archived regional meeting materials

Review presentations, summaries and other documents from past regional meetings:

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