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Important safety information for kidney programs–device contraindication

It has come to UNOS’ attention that some members are continuing to use the Weck Hem-o-lok® Non-absorbable Polymer Ligating Clip during laparoscopic nephrectomy despite the 2006 FDA notice about a recalled device.  Teleflex Medical first notified its customers regarding the Weck Hem-o-lok® Non-absorbable Polymer Ligating Clip in a letter dated April 18, 2006.   These clips are contraindicated for use in ligating the renal artery during laparoscopic nephrectomy in living donors.  Please read the excerpt language below, which was also available on the FDA website when UNOS first sent a notice regarding the clip on December 4, 2008. 

Visit the safety section of the FDA website and scroll down to Recalls and Field Corrections Devices – Class II

It is important that you share this information with staff at your institution.

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