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We’ve updated the OPO Report of Organ Offers (ROO) based on your feedback

The next time you access the OPO Report of Organ Offers, you are likely to notice some changes. Responding to OPO staff feedback, we changed the way we visualized the dashboard data to make it easier for you to understand. We also clarified some column labels, for example, we changed Transplant to Transplant Anywhere. Lastly, we added a brand new tab titled Provisional yes, which looks at how often your local transplant centers use the provisional acceptance and the outcomes of those cases.

Where to find it
You’ll find the ROO and a variety of other data tools on the Data Services portal in UNet. Just open Resources>Data Services>My Visual Analytics. These tools include:

If you are having trouble using any of the tools, just click the documentation tab to find helpful advice, including a recently added ROO explanatory guide.

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