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Parents of pediatric lung candidate plea for change to policy—Related News & Statements

In the last few weeks, there has been significant media attention related to pediatric lung transplant candidate Sarah Murnaghan. The OPTN and other transplant organizations have made official statements related to this issue and the OPTN Executive Committee met by conference call on Monday June 10 to discuss whether to revise policy. Sarah received a lung transplant at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia on Wednesday, June 12.

Access statements, stories, and policy notices related to this issue:

May 27 OPTN statement regarding lung transplantation and pediatric priority.

OPTN President Dr. John Robert’s response to a June 5th, 2013 federal district court order that would allow Sarah Murnaghan to be considered alongside older candidates for lung offers from adolescent and adult donors without consideration of her age.

On Monday June 10, the Executive Committee met by conference call and approved a revision to national lung allocation policy affecting transplant candidates age 11 or younger. See outcome of that meeting, including policy statement and revised policy.

Read June 11 policy notice

Read revised OPTN policy 3.7


a href=”” target=”_blank”>Read joint statement from AST and ASTS

Read statement from Gift of Life Donor Program in Philadelphia

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