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Living donation

Living donation

Learn more about living donation, including living donor requirements, informed consent, frequently asked questions, how to join the OPTN Kidney Paired Donation Pilot program and more.

Living donation resources

Patient safety

Patient safety

Find resources to improve patient safety, such as precautions to prevent disease transmission, guidance for blood subtyping, information about vessels transplantation and tools for best practices, such as templates, corrective action plans and more.

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TransNet and organ transport

TransNetSM and organ transport

Learn about TransNetSM, find upcoming TransNetSM training sessions, order organ labels and learn more about organ packaging, labeling and transport.

Learn more about organ transport

Careers in organ donation and transplantation


Find careers in transplantation and donation.

Find transplant careers

Glossary of organ donation and transplantation terms


Find definitions for transplantation and donation terms.

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