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TransNetSM will automate the current way we package and label organs. UNOS began a voluntary national deployment of this application in March 2015.

Data collection

UNet collects data about transplant candidates, transplant recipients, living donors and deceased donors, follow-up and more.


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TransNetSM uses barcode scanning technology at the point of organ recovery to help label, package and track organs and other biologic materials being shipped for transplantation. Clinical coordinators can even use the technology in the ICU, before organ recovery, to label blood tubes. This service ensures that donated organs are matched correctly and efficiently with the identified recipient.

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people need a lifesaving organ transplant (total waiting list candidates). Of those, 75,665 people are active waiting list candidates. Totals as of today 12:26pm EST

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National data

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Regional data

View the latest data about the status of U.S. organ donation and transplantation by UNOS region of center.

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State data

View the latest data about the status of U.S. organ donation and transplantation by state of center.

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Center data

View current and historical information accumulated about individual transplant centers.

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