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DonorNet enhanced to add transplant center name for primary on-call contact


OPO and transplant center staff who use DonorNet®

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The following changes were implemented on October 4, 2017.

Change Details

We added the transplant center (TXC) primary on-call contact name to the Offer Details section of the Match Results page in DonorNet® (immediately under the TXC contact number). OPO staff will no longer need to search elsewhere for contact names when calling the on-call contact.


You spoke and we listened!

At the NATCO (The Organization for Transplant Professionals) 2017 Annual Meeting in August, transplant center, OPO and UNOS IT staff collaborated to suggest and make changes to enhance UNetSM systems, including this one.

DonorNet users identified improvements that they said would make it faster and easier for them to work on match offers.

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If you have questions, please contact the UNet Help Desk at (800) 978-4334 or For general questions, particularly those related to compliance, monitoring or policy, please contact your UNOS Regional Administrator at 804-782-4800.

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